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These 10 steps to buying property in Japan FREE guide will help make the procedure of buying a property a little more convenient and efficient. Unlike other Asian countries, ownership is freehold for both locals and foreigners and there has not been a better time in 20 years to invest in buying a property in Japan!

1. Research

2. Buying Fees

3. Law & Language Concerns

4. Viewing & Comparing Properties

5. Application to Purchase (Reservation Agreement)

6. Explanation of Important Matters

7. Purchase Agreement

8. Review of the Property

9. Final Payment & Register Property

10. Handover & Moving In

Why is JAPAN such an exciting investment opportunity?

Dedicated to tourism growth

Where the country once was standoffish in its attitude to foreign arrivals, the welcome mat has now well and truly been laid out. It was only in 2013 that arrivals topped 10 million for the first time; in 2019 the figure was more than three times that. The government has said it aims to grow this to 60 million by 2030.

Japan’s rich culture

Famously combining ultra-modern infrastructure with a colourful and enduring culture, it's no surprise that Japan is ranked No 1 branded country in 2021 and has been every year since 2014 underlines the world’s continuing fascination. Their 2019 report commented that “Japan’s rich culture, which encompasses a favourable quality of life, natural beauty and heritage, beckons visitors from around the globe”.

Dollar / Yen exchange rate will set stage for property market rebound in Niseko! - you can buy so much more for your money TODAY!

Why is NISEKO calling?


Its meteoric rise has spurred innovation in the hospitality sector with its condos and chalets more appealing to foreign clientele and now being supplemented by some of the biggest names in the hotel industry including Ritz-Carlton and Rosewood

Success story

Niseko has been one of the success stories of Japan’s opening up to the world. The last two decades have seen it go from little-known even within the country to among the most dynamic resorts in the world, mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Aspen, Vail and the best European resorts.

Why invest in Niseko?

Japan is the 3rd largest economy and the No 1 brand in the world. Niseko is Asia's No 1 branded ski resort

Yen is super cheap so you can buy so much more today - property in Niseko has never been better value

60m tourists are predicted by 2030 in Japan with Niseko being one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations

One of the safest places in the world with high standard of living and a world class infrastructure 

The worlds biggest brands are drawn to Niseko such as Ritz, Hilton, Park Hyatt and Aman to name a few

Niseko has HUGE growth upside compared to other branded ski resorts around the world!

Niseko's tourism oppotunity

Niseko's winter tourism market and high-value foreign segment is connected to the real estate sector. According to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, land values in Niseko sharply increased with a y-o-y growth of 60% for commercial properties and 40% for residential properties. With the restart of Japan 's tourism sector and the favorable dollar yen exchange rate this will revitalize the transaction market in short to medium term , as pent-up demand will induce a market tailwind "

Pent-up demand

Branded hotels


Branded hotels have been driving up land prices - Niseko Village now alone has The Hilton & The Ritz completed with Rosewood, W & Moxy Hotel in planning stages.

The summer of 2018 accounted for nearly half of the total yearly visitors at 49%. This increased in 2019/20 due to COVID, sparking a boom in domestic tourists.

Source: Source: Bureau of Tourism, Hokkaido, Niseko Town Office, C9 Hotelworks Market Research, JLL Hotels,

Favourite to win the bid for the 2030 winter Olympics

Experience Niseko, Japan

The Aspen of Asia

Nestled in a peaceful wooded setting in Higashiyama

Watch this video to see Niseko's powder snow, onsens, mouth-watering cuisine, and our own SnowDog Village

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10-steps to buying property in Japan

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